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Grownups Corner

Visit Ina's new memoir writing blog, FootprintsBlog -- featuring featuring new stories by Ina and tips for making your memoirs fun to write...and to read!

Before we begin, Ina would like to share with you the most inspirational piece she has come across in some time -- a slide show based on the words of one of the world's great writers, GabrielGarciaMarquez.pps

And, videos of some of our class members reading stories at a show celebrating the launch of our second volume of Stories From The Heart, dubbed a Top Seller by You'll also see Ina hosting as the group reads fun and sometimes poignant stories ... from India and South Africa to the U.S.A., you'll hear interesting pictures painted of colorful times.

Now, to the prompts Here are some of the writing prompts we've been using for our grownup classes, and some new ones just for our site.  If you'd like to try one as a story starter yourself, we'd be delighted.  Send us your "tail" via the form at the button, and mayhap we'll be able to post it!

Submit your story!

Note, if you're a kid:  You can use these, and we have other writing prompts especially for you.  Click on this button:

Kids' Corner

Join the Pawprints Kids Writing Club!

  1. You're in the Green Room, waiting to go on a talk show.  There's a kangaroo in the room.  What happens?   (See examples of stories stemming from this prompt:  from Arabella Bell-Mitchell, from Earl Boretz)
  2. You're at a party.  A guest appears in the doorway.  The person (could be male or female) is quite interesting, and draws much attention.  There is only one thing about this person that is slightly amiss.  There is a tiny green turtle sitting on top of the person's glasses.  What happens?  Describe the person, your reactions, and events. (See an example of a story based on this prompt from Arabella Bell-Mitchell.)
  3. You have just brought a new kitten into a houseful of cats, at least two others.  What happens?
  4. You awake one morning to find yourself surrounded by raccoons, though you live in the city.  What happens?
  5. Your dog is walking you in your neighborhood, when a person you find very attractive appears from the around the corner, also walking a dog.  What happens?  Describe the person, the dogs, your feelings, and what happens between the humans.  What happens between the dogs?
  6. Fourteen pigeons have just pooped on your new suit.  Where are you?  How do you react?  What do you do?

  7. On strolling through the forest one day in May, you discover that yes, indeed, bears do s....t in the woods.  How did you know this pile you found was from a bear?  Are you safe?  Is the bear safe?  What happens?
  8. Seventy-three is your favorite number.  You are about to buy a lottery ticket.  Why is seventy-three your favorite number?  Is it still your favorite number after the winning ticket is announced?
  9. Fortune has smiled on you.  Tell us about it.
  10. There is a bee in the car.  Where are you?  Who's driving?  What happens?
  11. Complete this sentence, and then expand to a short, short story. 
    I was having a wonderful time at the sushi bar, when suddenly _______________________________________________.
  12. Complete this sentence and expand as in #11. 
    There is only one way to ____________________________.
Look for more in our series of prompts!  And do send us stories via online submission forms.

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More Writing Tips 'n' Tales on Ina's Blog

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