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Parents' Reviews of Ina's Pawprints Literacy+ Program

Bringing Kids' - and Grownups' - Love of Animals to
Literacy - Reading, Writing, Art + Kindness to Animals, the Planet and Each Other




Testimonias from parents of children age 6-12 at City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Park EPICC* Winter Camp,
full day program for 45 young people. Ina's Literacy and Kindness to Animals programs are coming live online in May 2020!

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* Exposition Park Intergenerational Childcare Center; program for off-track enrichment


"My daughter learned how to put things together to write a story...she didn't know how before...
"  Beatriz Serrano, mother of Cynthia Serrano

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"The reading and writing program is a perfect idea.  If she's going to work in this nation, she has to learn the language..." From an interview with Maria Arreola, whose 9 year old daughter attended the "Pawprints Literacy Plus" program.  Mrs. Arreola speaks only Spanish.  Questions and answers were translated by her 17 year old daughter.


Natae and Dejonae Cooke’s Mom


Maura Uribe, Ezequiel and Jasmine’s Mom


Shawnta Bishop, Randy Pettaway and Brendon Spann’s Mom, speaking of the letter Randy wrote in a Pawprints Literacy Plus exercise following a trip to the Science Center – “Write to an imaginary boy named Michael, living in Kenya (foreign country selected by his group)telling ‘Michael’ why he would enjoya visit to the Los Angeles Science Center.” The comments also reflect feelings about the overall experience with the literacy program

Priscilla Parra, Maria Arreola’s daughter, two weeks after completion of winter camp.

Rosa Arreola, sister of Maria Arreola, Mom of Rosalba Ortiz


Derryck Wallace's mom


Check out Pawprints Live!

Photo below is the EPICC staff with Ina on the day we awarded Pawprints Certificates of Achievement. Thanks you wonderful folks! You added so much to the fun of the program, and the parents were so pleased about how you treated their kids with kindness and respect.

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